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Relationships start off with so much enthusiasm and happiness, but 10-20 years later most of them have lost their luster-- between daily difficulties in life, raising children, and as "newness" becomes old familiarity... Most marriages begin to feel more like business partnerships than the exciting, romantic adventures that we crave.

My name is Alex Allman... and I know this because I was once there there myself too.

The good news is, even if the relationship is 20 years deep, there are still ways to have the passion, intimacy, and FUN that you once imagined.

And I've proven it.

For more than a decade I've helped tens-of-thousands for couples in more than 50 countries experience exactly that, and more than 17 million more through my youtube channel, blogs, interviews, articles, and Tedx talk.

I'm thrilled to imagine that you, reading this now, just might be next!

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