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100% of the testimonials, endorsements, and success stories on this site are real and true.

However, in the interest of absolute transparency, here are some things you might want to know:

1) Editing
I have edited most of the quotes used as testimonials on my pages.

Most have been edited for length (I sometimes get emails that are many pages long!). Many have been edited for unrelated content (e.g., "Your program changed my life-- by the way I have a question about something that happens to me during love making and I need to tell you a long story first to explain it...). Many others are edited for privacy, and I have eliminated or even CHANGED some details regarding age, race, location, and more in order to ensure that privacy both of the writer and of those involved in their stories is protected.

Occasionally I edit some grammar or punctuation for clarity, but mainly I leave those bits for "character."

2) Names and images
I almost always change names, and the images associated with the testimonials are almost entirely "stock images" or actors, and not the actual person who wrote or recorded the testimonial.

This is done to both to protect the privacy of my readers and clients, and also because images make testimonials more persuasive. An image or video makes you more apt to pay attention, and I want you to pay attention as it makes you more likely to buy my stuff-- which puts money in my pocket and gets you the actual results you came to my sites to get.

I use real images and videos only if the client expressly asks me to, or if I receive their consent after asking them, based on a particularly emotional and valuable video endorsement.

3) Fake testimonials
Every one of my colleagues uses some fake testimonials. I often endorse these same colleagues, and so I'm including that information here. I think it's shitty that they do that, but it does not alter my recommendation or non-recommendation of their programs.

Professional copywriters who write many of my advertisements and sales messages frequently encourage me to fabricate testimonials that address specific needs, objections, or doubts that a potential customer might face in making their decision to buy from me, but I have refused every time.

The emails, videos, and messages I receive from my readers and clients are sacred to me. They give me the motivation to do my work every day. I will never fabricate a testimonial for my business.

4) Interchangeability
Testimonials that appear to endorse a particular program are not always in reference to that program.

For example, if I do a youtube video or write a blog post or newsletter about a specific idea, tip, or technique from one of my programs, and I get a great testimonial back from someone who tried it, I may use that testimonial on the product sales page to help persuade a prospect to make a decision about buying.

5) If you have a success story or you've had a great experience with one of my programs that you'd like to share, I'd love to hear from you!
Please email to: support@LifeLovePassion.com and include "testimonial" or "success story" in the subject line.

Relationships start off with so much enthusiasm and happiness, but 10-20 years later most of them have lost their luster-- between daily difficulties in life, raising children, and as "newness" becomes old familiarity... Most marriages begin to feel more like business partnerships than the exciting, romantic adventures that we crave.

My name is Alex Allman... and I know this because I was once there there myself too.

The good news is, even if the relationship is 20 years deep, there are still ways to have the passion, intimacy, and FUN that you once imagined.

And I've proven it.

For more than a decade I've helped tens-of-thousands for couples in more than 50 countries experience exactly that, and more than 17 million more through my youtube channel, blogs, interviews, articles, and Tedx talk.

I'm thrilled to imagine that you, reading this now, just might be next!